The End of an Era

CAPSLoveTwo is getting a makeover and I’m switching over to a new site. This is a bittersweet beginning, since quite frankly, nothing was wrong with this site, except that I have grown tired of the title. That, and I felt it was time for a new and updated layout.

Please continue to find my postings on my new site, Endlessly Waffle.

Catch ya’ on the flip side!

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Great Moments For A Shy Person

I am a pretty shy person. Shy people operate differently from those who are extroverted and fearless of human interactions. Although my shyness is not always debilitating, it can definitely hinder seemingly everyday activities and communications. Whether it is talking to a stranger or a familiar face, the scenario can still be seen as an obstacle. Here are a few times when shy people can celebrate getting the better end of an otherwise uncomfortable situation…

Having someone else pull the cord on the bus to request a stop that is also yours.
This is a constant battle in my mind of whether or not I should just pull the cord as soon as I can to alert the driver I want off, or if I should just sit tight nervously, hoping and praying that someone else will relieve me of this duty. There is no way I want to have to reach up to the cord in front of the entire bus. This is even more arduous when I am not sitting or standing near to the cord. The horror!

Someone buying you a drink unexpectedly and anonymously.
Thoughts in my mind when this happens: “Well that was really nice. Thank goodness whoever did this, did not reveal who they were so now I can reap the benefits without having to carry a conversation with a stranger.

Having your teacher or boss call on someone else in a class or meeting whether or not you know the answer to a question.
The fact of whether or not you actually have an answer to what is being asked is completely irrelevant in this situation. Either way, you do not have to publically speak in front of a group. This is a major victory for you.

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Self-Centered Sticks

I don’t take many selfies for the same reason I don’t particularly like the newest product to hit store shelves- Selfie Sticks; they seem too self-centered. I mean, they are quite literally self-centered photography-taking mechanisms. When I decide to reveal myself to the world, I don’t go overboard. Selfie Sticks are made for the types of people who just can’t take enough photos of themselves. Portraiture is one thing, but excessive photography of yourself (usually done in a public setting) is pretty absurd when you think about it.

I can however imagine a few scenarios when Selfie Sticks would come in handy (pun not intended). Because a Selfie Stick’s arm extends, this could be a good way to take a photo or video over top of a crowd or some place you yourself can not see easily, in a way, acting like a periscope. Another use of a Selfie Stick would be to actually take a “Groupie” – A self-taken shot of a group or people. I always find it difficult to maneuver my arm in such a way where taking a group shot from our own angle. A Selfie Stick would only however, give you a better range of motion.

Another good reason to have a Selfie Stick is if you are either extremely shy/have your mouth wired shut/are mute/speak a different language from where you are/or for some reason can not properly communicate with another human being that you want your picture taken. But really, my best guess is that the Selfie Stick was probably made in response to James Franco’s “Selfie-ography”.

What I don’t understand is why your own arms do not suffice. Perhaps the Selfie Stick is the ideal purchase for someone who takes so many picture of themselves that their arms get tired. But I have a better solution for that: just stop.

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The Cons of the D.C. Metro Bus

On Monday I wrote about how much better the Metro bus is when compared to the metro rail in D.C. but today I’m taking a look at the other side of things. Just because the bus might be better than the rail, that is by no way saying the bus is the best option. Every transportation option has its flaws and so today I am covering a few of the negative aspects of taking the DC Metro bus. This rant brought to you by my evening commute yesterday…

You know is the worst? Missing a bus by two minutes only to then wait 35 minutes for the next bus when really, the schedule says the bus is supposed to come every 15 minutes. How is this even acceptable? What is the point of having arrival times posted to a website or app. if the buses very rarely adhere to them? And why don’t they? They have a schedule so why can’t they stick to it?

The metro rail stations on the other hand, list when the trains are arriving and the trains actually do come as listed like 97% of the time. If they don’t come at the time listed, the screen goes blank or the train is listed as “no passenger.” While this is not what you want to happen but some communication is always better than none.

Also, how come there are so many bus drivers who don’t know the route they are driving? First of all, why are drivers being employed if they don’t know where they’re going? What’s the point? Is there no training? And second of all, how difficult would be to give them all a GPS? Or you know, a map.

When you compare this to the metro rail, those drivers operate trains. They have a track that the rail cars can only run on. You can’t mess that up. Especially since at one point, the Metro rail had automated drivers. We are not quite at the point of self-driving Metro buses.

The D.C. Metro buses frankly just need to get their act together. Come on now, people.

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If I Could Get Paid To Walk

The past couple days I have been doing a lot of walking around Washington, D.C. For normal people who are walking as much as I have been and in this summer heat, this would be too much. However, I simply love it. I have been known to embark on impressively long walks without growing tired like my companions. I feel as though I never get tired of walking. My legs and feet were just made for walking.

In this state of my life, I have been trying to figure out what my true, dream job is. Although I am good at what I get paid to do and what I studied in college (Graphic Design), I am unsure that is my real calling in life. Sure, I enjoy it, but perhaps there is a better job for me. And what if my dream job was to get paid… to walk? I mean, why not? I love walking. I am good at it, I do it often, and it never gets boring.

Upon a search on CareerBuilder to see what my options were to get paid to walk, there are not many options. I could be a dog walker although that involves walking something, not so much walking myself. Plus, I can not imagine a dog walker gets paid much. Another option is working in health care which could be doable if a specific enough placement was something that interested me. I could use my passion in walking and use it to help out seniors or disabled people. Helping people and getting to walk sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

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A Homeless-Backed Food Truck Concept

I don’t enjoy spending my money, especially when pressured into doing so. However, I don’t mind when I am giving money to those who need it. Today a homeless man approached me and asked if I would “donate” my money to purchase a newspaper written by the homeless. I didn’t enjoy being pressured into giving my money, even if it was for a good cause. The encounter also made me think about how the selling tool of a newspaper might not be the most interesting or best use of resources in order to gain profits.

I thought about how there are so many food trucks these days. Often times I will purchase food from a food truck based off of how unique the product is. And food is much more marketable than a newspaper. Food attracts all walks of life, whereas a newspaper is only good for those who can read. (And those who are interested in reading what is written.)

What if the homeless formed an organization where they prepared meals to sell to the public? -A food truck sort of venture. Homeless people could team up with an already established kitchen/food truck and maybe a third to a half of the money could go back to the homeless. The rest of the money would go towards profit and/or supplies. That way the public could purchase food and feel good about their purchase. Plus, this interaction would be face to face with those you were impacting (as opposed to giving anonymously to charities). This would also eliminate any awkwardness with a person in need approaching you directly. In a food truck setting, the consumer willingly comes to the seller.

A food truck would be a better vehicle (ha) for showing the public the real face of the homeless, and that these people can be helpful and contribute to society. The homeless could gain working experience from working at a food truck which could line them up for employment. An immediate as well as long-term result could come to both those at work and those enjoying the food made. And this concept does not have to be limited to any single city or location. Sounds like a win-win all around.

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A Change Is Gonna Come…

This blog needs a change. CAPSLove was born to the outstretched arms of the internet on January 2, 2009. It all started with this simple post. CAPSLove maintained its presence until its last post on January 4, 2012. Three years of existing and then it moved to this present day site on the same day, and CAPSLoveTwo was initiated. It’s been another three-ish years, and that blogging change bug has bit me once more.

So, something is in the works. I am unsure as to what that is, be it a simple change like a new layout or something more drastic: I have been toying with the idea of a new blog title. CAPSLoveTwo doesn’t quite have the ring I was going for originally, and the idea of limiting myself to categories seems unnecessary now. Whatever the change may be, I hope it will last another few years at least and showcase this blog in the most appropriate way possible. I’m now taking name suggestions too. Stay tuned!

Sing it, Sam!

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