An Introduction

I can see you’ve found your way over to CAPSLove Two: The Girl On The JumboTron fairly easily. Well done! I remember way back when I was just starting up CAPSLove. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to set up the site, and the slate was clean, maybe too clean. That feeling has unsurprisingly snuck back up on me as I begin this new site.  While the layout, design, and name might be new however, I’m hoping the content and audience will remain the same. With that in mind though, I’d like to walk you through a few of the newest changes that I’ve made to my blog.

Perhaps the most noticeable is the new name. I put probably more effort than was necessary into what the name of the second part to my blog would be. CAPSLove Two seemed the most understandable and straightforward. I have always liked the idea of calling myself an “internet name or brand.” The Girl On The JumboTron is something I’ve liked the sound of for quite some time. So I thought a hybrid of the two names would best suit my new situation. I’m hoping it’s not too confusing to have a title/tagline.

Next up is my Beer Log. It’s a new page I have added to the blog. I have been keeping a Beer Log since my New Years Resolution back in 2010 to start trying new beers. It was an entertaining goal to upkeep and continues to get more attention with each new bar, bartender, and beer which I come across. This past New Years, I temporarily lost said log, and I felt like I couldn’t go on with my life. It was then that I decided that the Beer Log had to be transferred to an electronic medium. Not only should this act as a back-up, but I’m hoping I can share the page with bartenders and other connoisseurs who are interested in this journey of mine.

I’ve also re-vamped the Links section which you will find at the right. I sifted through the links on CAPSLove and put them into categories, which I hope will better enable you to know why I’ve included what I’ve included. This looks more refined and will hopefully be more useful with some structure.

Is there anything I have not included that you wish were on here? Think I should bring back the Song of the Week? Yearning for more description pages? Or are you just like me, and can’t wait to see more posts popping up and filling up this unfortunate but inevitable white space? I know it’s too calm here, so let me help you out with this.

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