The Girl On The JumboTron Aims For TV

Just a head’s up everyone! I’m going to do my best to try to get on television tonight! This is it- this is my chance for my 15 minutes (rather, maybe 15 seconds) of fame. Appropriate enough, since I’ll be in Hollywood today. But I’ll be at the Staples Center tonight for a hockey game, and that’s where I’m hoping to get televised!

You see, the main reason I headed out to Los Angeles this weekend was to attend a hockey game where the Kings play host to the Caps! I have always wanted to go to a Caps away game and see how other arenas showcase hockey, so I’m also pretty excited for that. But here’s my plan for tonight: whenever there’s an away Caps game, Comcast SportsNet (the channel that most often broadcasts Caps games in the D.C. area) frequently aims their cameras at the Caps fans in the crowd. This usually happens during an intermission or commercial break, so that’s where I’m hoping to score my fame.

To increase my chances of getting onto TV, I’m hoping to make a sign. No, it’s not going to bash the Kings- I don’t want to go too crazy/get harassed in an area that isn’t my home town- that’s just not smart. But I do have a few ideas up my sleeve: “Welcome to the New Coach Club” (like the Caps, the Kings also have a new coach this season) or “I came all the way from D.C. for this!” (If the game turns bad, which it shouldn’t; I can add a question mark or too, for added humor effect.)

So that’s my plan. Hopefully, you’ll a) watch tonight’s game (10:30PM EST, sorry it’s a late game for you East Coast-ers) and b) see me on the tube. If that’s the case, please, PLEASE try to take a picture for me! It would be super awesome if my plan succeeds and I make it to the “big time!” With that in mind, GO CAPS!!

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