My First Away Caps Game Review

One of my life goals has been to go to an away Caps hockey game, so it was pretty darn exciting when I was able to check that off my list while on my latest trip to Los Angeles. I had basically planned the entire trip around going to the Caps versus Kings game, as one of my friends lives out in L.A. and is a huge fan of their hockey team.

The experience turned out to be fun, even though the Caps lost and the fans were difficult to sit near. (Although to be fair, I should have known that being the minority in a stadium full of fans for the “enemy” was not going to be easy.) I suppose I could have sat calmly and just enjoy the hockey game for what it was, but alas, I am too much of a Capitals fan to just sit there, so it could be argued that I would have done the same thing, if I were in the opposition’s seat.

Anyways, below are some thoughts of mine from last night’s hockey game (which I wrote to myself throughout the evening). I think it gives a pretty accurate description of the game…

– Skid Row is only a few blocks away from Staples Center. Omg.

– Omg, Jack Johnson plays for the Kings. Omg.

 – The Kings apparently make fun of their fans, as fans must catch balls for prizes. Catching balls? Kind of degrading, no?

– Kings fans chant “Go Kings, Go” because “Let’s Go Kings” would probably sound too much like “Let’s Go Caps!”

– Kings fans would rather boo against the Caps instead of cheering on their own team, when given the chance.

– Kings fans don’t all stand up for a good fight. Only the lower level stands up. Total culture shock.

– Throughout the game, Kings fans love to say, “We’ve got [x number] goals!!!” What- you need help counting? Do you need to remind yourself of the score? Sounds pretty dumb to me…

– The Kings are perhaps the only NHL team who have sparkles on their jersey. Go team Sparkle!!!

– Ok, Kings fans pay a mere $4.50 for popcorn, whereas at the Verizon Center, popcorn is $6. Woah- best part about the Staples Center yet!

– All the players on the Kings look like they’re going through puberty! Except Westgarth. He looks like Mac (from, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.)

Westgarth, of the Kings

Mac, from "It's Always Sunny..."

– Culture Shock #2: The Kings do not have a specific song they play during the power play. Thus, the crowd does not go wild/there is no collective emotion during a power play. Wow.

– Worst part about the game (aside from the loss) was that in the last minute of the game, a lady who was sitting in front of me turned around to tell me she didn’t like how I had been comparing everything to what a Caps game in D.C. is like. You know what? Don’t wait until the last minute of the game to complain- especially if your team is winning. Like, calm down. Or voice your concerns earlier, because I’m not going to stop. It’s too late for that. She was a total jerk.

– If there’s one thing I learned from attending an away game, it’s that it makes me want to go to a home game THAT MUCH MORE.

– Going to an away Caps game just made me totally appreciate being a Caps fan all the more: Caps fans really are more enthusiastic and frankly, THE BEST.

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