The Popcorn Hypothesis

There are a number of things the folks at the Verizon Center will do during a Capitals game to get the crowd to perk up and go wild. When the Caps are down, you might see the well-loved Tom Green bit, “Unleash The Fury!” or one of the many video compilations of inspirational speeches from various movies. But there’s one thing I have been doing separately that seems to have been working. I call it The Popcorn Hypothesis.

The first thing to know about The Popcorn Hypothesis is that it wouldn’t work without knowing how much I dearly love popcorn. Frequently I will make a meal out of only eating popcorn. This is also the most cost-effective meal to have from the concession stands at the Verizon Center. (While most “real” meals cost an average of $9.00 and up, a large bag of popcorn is only a cool $6.00.)

Lately, I have been opting for the popcorn dinner at Caps games, but when I do so, I realize I am setting myself up for some minor challenges. First of all, the large bag of popcorn will take up all lap space and will also occupy your hands and mouth. This can prove to be an obstacle if you feel inclined to clap or cheer. The worst thing however about manning such a large serving of popcorn is that when the Caps do score, you have one of two choices: either throw all your popcorn over everyone in a fit of excitement, not having the proper control over your area and thus wasting your meal; or you can try to one-handedly grasp the bag while high-fiving your neighbors and looking like a weirdo.

Despite the awkwardness faced with maneuvering such a boat-load of popcorn and the challenges that come with such a feat, I have found that it’s worth the risk. Apparently every time I have gotten popcorn for dinner (P.S: Popcorn For Dinner sounds like a fantastic blog name), the Caps have went on to score goals and win the game.

When I was in Los Angeles for the Caps away game on Monday, I was amazed with their cheaper popcorn prices, yet for some awful reason I did not buy it. It is for this reason that I blame myself for the Caps’ loss. But hopefully I can learn from such a grave mistake. I mean, I am going to the Caps game tonight…

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2 Responses to The Popcorn Hypothesis

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Popcorn for Dinner does sound like a fantastic blog!

  2. Mike says:

    Since I was witness to your popcorn dinner the other night, I appreciate that it brought out the offensive firepower we needed to get the W and 2 points.

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