A Study: The Elusive Third Date

Allright class, today we will be learning about the elusive third date and the thoughts and expectations surrounding this shall we say, “occasion.” The third date is a tricky situation because it lies on the cusp of creating a steady stream of dating, however it can also just as easily lead to a fatal relationship error. Third dates are difficult to achieve for many, yet for others it can be quite simple. Simply put, the third date perhaps carries the most weight of the dating process.

It seems to me that the third date is often where couples will decide if they are interested in the other person enough to “take things further.” This could mean a number of things, but for today’s lesson’s purpose, it will mean to continue the dating process. After the third date, many people will have gathered enough information and “data” to deduce if they are a good enough match for the other. Frequently though, if the match does not seem to be a stable one, one or both of the persons will have realized this before the third date.

The third date thus holds a significant amount of pressure. You have already seen each other two times and should have gotten a pretty good feel for who the other person is. Many people these days consider the third date the appropriate time to discuss if they would like to continue seeing/dating the other. For some, making such a decision on only the third date could seem a tad early, which is fine, but it seems that typically, both sides will have enough information by this point.

So when you are able to make it to the third date, do not fret. While many will assume that this sequential date has significant importance, it is also perhaps the most useful date. The third date can help to determine the outcome of your relationship. True, the third date may simply be the next date after the second one, and it could take both participants more time, but what I have found is that the third date seems to carry that decision momentum.

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