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SOPA discussion on Facebook

Today is SOPA day. SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act, and along with PIPA (Protect  Intellectual Property Act) the internet is partly blacking out some of its websites today in protest of the overwhelming control the United States government wants to have. A detailed description of SOPA and PIPA can be found on Wikipedia’s page here which ironically, is one of the popular sites blacking out today:

A number of popular websites have “blacked out” their pages today including I Can Has Cheezburger?, FAILBlog, The Daily What, Reddit, and more. Even Google has put up a special homepage today for PIPA and SOPA Day:

Google's homepage today.

But there’s more to do today than to protest the over-ruling United States government and by blacking out your website. To play a more pro-active role, everyone in support of SOPA and PIPA are asked to call their local Senator and tell them to oppose PIPA. (Phone numbers can be found here.) And in addition, you can do like me: for SOPA/PIPA day, and the internet blackouts occurring, I am writing all my text online in black!


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