The “Non-Love Song” Song Of The Day

The highlight of my weekend came while on a simple trip to the local library and book store. I purchased three music CDs that I had been eyeing for a while. So in today’s edition of my “Non-Love Song” Song of the Day series, I will be selecting songs from the artists I recently purchased: Mayer Hawthorn, Bruno Mars, and Johnny Cash.

First up is the fun tune, “Henny and Ginger Ale,” by Mayer Hawthorne. While the majority of Hawthorne’s songs are about love, relationships, and dating, he does do a song here or there about other things. This song for example, is about an alcoholic beverage, which is plenty good music material if you ask me.

Next Up is Bruno Mars, another crooner known for treating to the ladies. Thankfully, I’ll have a release from the lovey dovey songs on his CD, with this next hit, “The Lazy Song.” This song is a pure work of genius, because it describes something practically everyone can relate to, without having to get into the sticky subject of love.

Johnny Cash is the last artist to grace us with a Non-Love Song today. Many Country Western musicians tend to sign about old flames or loving someone they can’t have. Cash however, sings on more subjects, like a man with an unfortunate, feminine name who seeks to fight his father who named him so.

The fact that these artists are able to cover more topics other than the too-easy subject of love, makes me just enjoy them more. It’s one thing to be an awesome musician, but it’s that extra step that some might not even think twice about, when a singer does a song about something not related to love. Well done, gentlemen!

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