Ovechkin Lives With Penguins?

Caps star player, Alex Ovechkin has been all over the news lately for many different reasons. First, it was for his questionable hit on Pittsburgh’s Zbynek Michalek, then it was announced that he’d be suspended and fined for the hit. Next up on Ovie’s agenda, he made the decision to decline the invitation he had for the 2012 All Star Game, and lastly, he bought a new house mansion.

Ovie and his new "digs."

While Alex Ovechkin has been making headlines for his latest rough and tough play in the NHL, I’m frankly more interested in his new neighborhood change. I can imagine that living in Arlington was not very conducive to privacy, when everyone knows where you live and work. Living close to the facility where you practice and the neighborhood in which you do much of your socializing is extremely convenient however, but I suppose the superstar just needed a change of scenery. If it means he’ll have fewer distractions and will be able to focus on his game though, then I’m not going to complain.

Just one of the many highlights in Ovechkin's new mansion.

I am however, going to complain about a certain little detail I noticed in some of these photos of his new home. The unnecessarily spacious rooms and grandiose interiors are what celebrities fantasize of having in their dream home, so it’s only to be expected that Ovechkin pick this place. But after checking out the photos online, I have to question his taste in bathroom fixtures:

A questionable choice for a sink.

Really, Alex? You have a house that features a sink decorated with (of all things) Penguins?? I expect better of this. Let’s just hope he has plans to get a new sink in there. Aside from a frankly bizarrely decorated bathroom fixture, I’m sure Alex would rather look at other things in his spare time, than even more penguins. I know Ovechkin’s been teased for his sense of fashion in the past, but this time something really needs to change. This means serious business.

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