Hatty Matty / Perrault Pie’d

If you were not watching last night’s Caps game, then boy did you miss quite a sensation. The Caps were hosting the Stanley Cup defending champions, the Boston Bruins and it didn’t look very good for the home town boys in red. The Caps were missing a number of VIP’s (Very Important Players) such as Mike Green, Nicklas Backstrom, and Alex Ovechkin -pretty much all of the team’s biggest stars- and the Bruins were looking strong.

The game went underway and after the first period, the Caps were down 1-0. The second period however was a completely different story, with a combined five goals scored by both teams. And the game looked a little better with the Caps up 3-2. But the Caps hadn’t won yet, as there was still another period to go.

The third period is when all your wildest dreams came true. Let’s tally up the awesomeness:

  • Caps win 5-3!
  • Consequently, all fans in attendance got free wings (for 5 goals)!
  • The team played amazingly without the help of some star players.
  • Matthieu Perrault got his career first hat trick…
  • And got a pie in the face curtesy of cap’n Ovie to celebrate!

It was a truly incredible night and I couldn’t be more proud of Matti P. Below are some pictures of the whole hat trick affair and the celebrations to follow:

Matti P. celebrates his hat trick.

Matti P. getting hugs for his hat trick!

And check out this video of Matti P’s post-game interview with “Smokin'” Al Koken which went haywire when a rogue shaving cream pie came from mastermind Alex Ovechkin, and headed right for the Player of the Game’s face…

Perrault Pie'd by Ovie.

Matthieu Perrault aka: Shaving Cream Face

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