Spoiled by Snow

This winter season could possibly be over in a matter of days. Groundhog Day, the absurd day when a rodent predicts the arrival of Spring, is a mere three days away and frankly, I am not ready for Spring. This has been the lamest, least cold winter that I can imagine. Mother Nature- we need to talk about your global warming. This just isn’t cutting it.

Perhaps living in the D.C. area my whole should be enough for me to realize that this is not the best area to be in, if you’re looking for a snowy winter. But a few years ago (has it been that long?) when D.C. was graced with the Snowpocalypse/Snowmaggedon, I seemed to think that there was hope yet. Maybe D.C. really did have the “power for powder.”

A lame excuse for concern over a snowfall.

But alas, not this winter. Nope, this year we got freak flurries at Halloween and a thin layer of snow that while it lingered for a few days, barely covered the top of grass. The D.C. area must be traumatized by the city’s unpreparedness for the last snowstorm in the area, because at just the hint of a thought of snow, the streets were one big salt-lick.

Well, somehow I thought this year we’d go back to frolicking in the snow. While a little two hour delay was nice, it wasn’t really necessary. We’re heading into February shortly. This could either mean hopeful colder temperatures and a later snowfall season that D.C. usually receives; or warmer weather en route to Spring. I do hope the air gets colder for a longer duration and brings us that delightful snow.

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