The Easy Answer To A Single Person’s Problem

Today on virtual coupon site, KGB Deals, they have a pretty remarkable item of clothing you can purchase at a discounted price. The products in today’s deal are three t-shirts which they claim are created just for Valentine’s Day. Three simple designs can be chosen for your shirt of choice: “Taken”, “Love”, and “Be Mine,” seen below:

I try not to get onto the topic of Valentine’s Day prematurely, because I think it’s a silly holiday. But with today’s online deal, I had to alert everyone about these shirts and why they are a magnificent creation (at least one is). Now, the “Love” shirt is cute, albeit pretty generic and non-descript. The “Be Mine” tee is slightly cute only because it references to the popular conversation heart candies.

But really, the greatest creation is that first, “Taken” shirt. This shirt should ideally be worn on any given day- not just Valentine’s Day. My friends and I have always joked about how people who are in a relationship (i.e: “taken”) need to have labels visible to the public, so other singles are not tempted into thinking that potentially anyone could be available. Well, this shirt is the answer to that conundrum!

People: you need this Taken shirt. You need to wear it proudly as much as you can. I’m sure you would not want to mislead people into thinking you are single when you are happily coupled up. Buy this shirt! Buy enough of them to wear frequently, but especially when you are in a populated area with potentially many single people.  You’ll be happy you won’t get yourself into an awkward situation, and the singles around you will thank you too for your cooperation. Thanks.

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