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Happy Leap Day Birthday!

I’ve always loved Leap Day. When I was a kid, I used to really wish I was born on February 29th. Sure, this unusual birthday comes with plenty of complications (having a birthday every four years, isn’t really ideal) and … Continue reading

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The “Non-Love Song” Song of the Day

Back on Valentine’s Day, I decided to invite some friends over and watch a movie that had nothing to do with love/dating/etc. and I wisely chose, “Space Jam.” Aside from this movie of the 90’s being absolutely awesome, the fact … Continue reading

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Odd Pick-Up Lines

I don’t know about you, but I love me some pick-up lines. I love pick-up lines, mainly because they can be incredibly dumb or corny. I also like pick-up lines because they allow the normally shy or uncreative person a … Continue reading

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The “Non-Love Song” Song Of The Day

It has occurred to me that we haven’t had a “Non-Love Song” Song of the Day posting in a few weeks. It must have been the miserable Valentine’s Day holiday that got me off track. But it’s back and ready … Continue reading

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Drunken Signature Art 2

I first introduced the concept of Drunken Art a few weeks ago with my initial post. I decided that with a combination of my interests in typography and alcohol, I could create an assembly of illegible hand writing while under … Continue reading

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A Few Of My Favorite Words

Today I am going to write one of my more pointless posts, so get ready everyone. Today, I am writing all about some pretty fantastic words in the English language. These words are simply some of my favorite words. This … Continue reading

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Caps’ Coaches Past

I’m not going to get into heart-wrenching detail, but it’s games like last night’s Caps’ loss, that make me think what the Caps would be like, if they were still playing under one of their former coaches. I’m sure everyone … Continue reading

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