Random Act Of Kindness

I don’t claim to be the world’s best “do-gooder” but this year, I’ve been trying to improve myself by doing more community service. A few nights ago I had another opportunity to spread random cheer. I was sitting at the bar at Hill Country after an unusually stressful day at work. I was there by myself, and while I thought it would be nice if a guy chatted me up, I wasn’t really expecting much action on an early Tuesday evening.

I sat myself down next to a man who looked around a decade older than me. He chatted up the bartender about beer suggestions and I piped in about one of the beers I had just downed. I figured that would be the only interaction I had with this guy who was waiting for a friend to show up and went about my business of staring at the wall.

Not too long after, the guy sitting next to me just had to show me a replay on his smart phone of this amazing basketball dunk that they were discussing on the television. I didn’t have much else to say except that I agreed that it was a remarkable dunk. But really, I was just pleased that some stranger was talking to me.

Eventually, as I was getting ready to leave, I noticed that that guy and his friend had left their seats at the bar to go outside for a smoking break. The reason I had gone to Hill Country in the first place was because I had some coupons that were expiring that day, and I was only able to use one of them. So as I was leaving, I placed the rest of the coupons on the barstool where that guy was sitting.

Maybe it was a tad creepy, but I like to think that when he got back, he was greeted with a nice little anonymous present. It was like my way of thanking him for engaging me in conversation. I’m sure it wasn’t much to him, but it made me feel good and less like a lame barfly. And if he was really curious and asked the bartender about it, I’m sure the bartender would have recognized that I had used the same coupon and informed the man.

The coupons were (last month’s version of) the ones I am sharing with you below! Enjoy your coupons and maybe I’ll see you at Hill Country sometime!

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