Cheese And Waffles

Last night a friend and I had accepted a last-minute invitation to another friend’s Beer Pong league (yes that exists) and I found myself surprised by the large quantity of beer I had consumed. As we left for home, we found ourselves in desperate need of some food to help sober us up before we headed to bed. I remembered that our neighborhood Giant stayed open till midnight and we excitedly planned what we were going to buy there.

I decided I was in the mood for waffles, but I didn’t really want something sweet, plus I wanted a crunch. Little did I know that I would shortly find the unusual answer to my cravings. As we wandered the aisles in the grocery store, I found myself face to face with an unusual bag of snack food that I had never seen before:

The concept of cheese sandwiched between waffles sounded horrendously interesting. It was like this new food concept was placed there just for me. It seemed like the perfect food for my predicament at the time. I tore into the bag and found myself with these mini-waffle-tasting crackers, with that disgustingly satisfying artificial cheese substance sandwiched in between. It looked like this:

Later into the night I found that these little wannabe-cracker sandwiches were all I could think about. It was the weirdest thing I had eaten in a while, and I in awe of the oddness. I texted my friend:

Seriously. Cheese+waffle cracker sandwiches are the grossest things ever! Bleghhh

There is no way I can ever eat those waffle cheese things sober. Aaaaugh what did I do???!!

Omg those waffle cheese were the end of me!!! 😦

The suspect thing about these odd snacks is that when I checked out the website on the back of the bag, these specific cheese and waffle snacks were not even listed. It’s like the creators were so embarrassed with their creation, that they disassociated themselves and the company with such a gross food. Really though, I think these must have been invented by a drunk/high/pregnant person in a state in which they were capable of some pretty odd food craving combinations.

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