When Steelers Fans and Ravens Fans Get Together…

Last night’s Super Bowl was surely a night to be had. I’m sure most of you were at some fabulous party, gorging yourself on all the game day food delights. Some of you watched for the commercials, some of you cared only about the half-time show, and perhaps a few of you even cared about the actual game. No matter what your reason for watching the Super Bowl (aka: the dumbest name for a championship game), you were sure to have a fun time at some point. Today I am showcasing some of the “important stuff” highlights of last night:

  • Apparently last night’s game was the first time in a long time that both Steelers fans and Ravens fans were together as one. The Patriots beat out the Ravens for a Super Bowl appearance and the Steelers and Patriots are long-time rivals. For once, these fans could agree on one thing: cheering on the Giants.
  • A friend correctly put it this way: Super Bowl commercials sell things through only one of three themes: childhood, animals, or sex. This was definitely evident in last night’s commercials.
  • What happens when both teams playing have similar team colors? Guaranteed correct color combination of confetti after the game.
  • It seems that while the e*trade baby doesn’t really age, he does get fewer TV spots and becomes less popular. Too bad though, I like him!
  • My two favorite commercials from the Super Bowl were Bud Light’s “Here WeGo Rescue Dog” commercial –


"WeGo" the cute Bud Light Rescue Dog

and the Audi “Vampire Party” commercial complete with fantastic song choice –

Be careful of a vampire at the wheel of an Audi...

  • Yay, for once, the team I’m rooting for wins the Super Bowl. Go Giants.
  • And lastly, if I wasn’t going to have a Caps game win on Sunday, I might as well have a win for the football team I was cheering for. I’ll take what I can get.

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