Too Old For A Crush?

A few years ago, I introduced my readers to National Crush Day which occurs every February 20th. When I last wrote about this “holiday,” I was crush-less and surprised with that predicament. That was 2010. Almost two years later, I find myself in a similar situation but with a different frame of mind.

Two years ago I wrote about how I was surprised at my crush-less drought. Until then, I normally had at least a crush or two always in my life. I suppose during that time period, one of two things could have been happening. My hypothesis is that either I was just in a lull period or it was perhaps the beginning of the end. Maybe I would not have any more crushes from then on.

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As I reflect on the last two years, I admit that I may not have had quite as many crushes as I used to have back in my schooling days (more than just two years ago). Why might this be? It could be that simply, when I am not as surrounded by potential mates as I was in the school environment. Or, what I think might be happening is that I am actually growing out of the crush. You don’t really hear of adults [for this case, we’ll say that adults are people the age of our parents] having crushes; or at least real, heart-numbing ones.

But what if it’s the second notion and I’m just growing out of the crush? Suppose I’m becoming “too old” for that “nonsense”? What now? I swear this can’t be part of some overlying Peter Pan scheme to force me to “grow up,” whatever that might mean. If I really am growing out of the crush phase of my life, then what? I used to think having a crush was fun, but now it’s become more work than play and we can’t have that:

Maybe age isn’t to be taken literally. Perhaps, it’s more that I am becoming more knowledgable and wise with age and experience of failed crushes, and that is why I have given up on developing crushes these days. Whatever the case may be though, the thing to keep in mind throughout all this is that I’m ok with being crush-less. At least, there’s less room for disappointment if I never get worked up in the first place.

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