The “Non-Love Song” Song Of The Day: The One Night Stand

I’m just going to put this out there. I don’t typically endorse the One Night Stand. But I do support when a heartthrob-musician-famous person writes a song about wanting a one night stand. Fantasizing about dating a famous musician is a common thing. But spending a night with them- no strings attached? Could be a little more plausible. That’s where today’s “Non-Love Song” Song of the Day comes in.

I adore Mayer Hawthorne. But I realize that he’s something of a star. And that I likely won’t be shacking up with anyone famous anytime soon. But Mayer Hawthorne seems to think otherwise. Or at least he sings about it. His lyrics are spot on, describing that he knows that he and a girl he wants to sleep with probably aren’t going to be dating at any point, but he doesn’t care.

No I don’t need to know a thing about your past
No I just want one night with you no strings attached
And I know that we might not be the perfect match
And I just want one night with you no strings attached

The song is totally something a guy would write. It’s kind of like the modern-day version of Marvin Gaye’s, “Let’s Get It On,” except this song is more from the loins and less from the heart. This song could also be related to a favorite Jack Johnson song of mine too, but again, less poetic, and more no-nonsense. Hawthorne isn’t interested in “making love,” he’s interested just having some satisfaction and some basic yearnings fulfilled. It’s a pretty straight-forward and almost primitive subject matter, and if it weren’t for his crooning voice and soothing good looks, this song might also be considered a tad crude. But you’ve got to love him for speaking his mind, nonetheless.

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