Drunken Signature As Art

It’s late on a Friday, and I’m still at work. I know that once again I am making poor decisions. It’s the weekend and I’m stuck here at my desk. But while I may physically be at work, my mind sure isn’t. My mind is at Happy Hour…

Today I present you with possibly my best drunken signature to date. This one is from Los Angeles’ Staples Center, part-way through the Caps versus Kings game I went to last month. It was a miserable game, with the Caps losing 5-2. So to help drown my sorrows, I ended up consuming much alcohol. The time on this receipt recalls that at this point, the game was probably around its half-way point and the Caps were already losing.

But that isn’t the point. Look at that fluidity of the signature. You can maybe make out the first letter of my first and last name -maybe. I love the loops, the curves, and the carelessness. Perhaps I can start “collecting” drunken signatures (my own? others?) and showcase them here. It’s not so much about the hazy state the “author” was in, as I’d like the focus to be more on the artistic characteristics one can observe of the thoughtless typography.

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