Valentines Make You Sick

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and this year, that’s a particularly good thing. Apparently a great number of my friends were overcome with a mysterious commonality: they were all getting sick. I know that Valentine’s Day can be nauseating for many people if they aren’t coupled up, but this year, it seems like people were taking things to an extreme.

For real sick.

I had planned a fairly mellow evening yesterday for an Anti-Valentine’s Day shindig of sorts. We were to watch a movie that had absolutely nothing to do with love (best movie ever) and just chill out with other cool people who happened to be single. Of the eight people who said they were coming or who were interested in attending, an impressive four of those had last minute ailments keeping them from coming over.

Most likely how many people were feeling.

The odd thing, was that these people were feeling sick on Valentine’s Day (or leading up to the holiday). It was as if this Valentine’s Day was even more nauseating than others. This holiday proved to be more nasty than it should be. Something was in the air this year, and it sure didn’t seem to be love.

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