April Showers Bring May(er Hawthorne) Flowers

Today two fantastic things happened in relation to two separate discussions I had yesterday. Basically, today’s events proved to be solutions to two different problems I was discussing with my dad last night. It’s not every day that these types of miracles happen so let me explain.

I had been conversing with my dad about the day’s events and so forth. My dad mentioned how it’s been absurd that we’ve gotten just a few snow dustings this past winter and it’s already half-way through February. He noted that the plants are really missing getting the water they need to grow. It didn’t occur to me that we were going through a drought, no less a simple lack of snow. And then as if Mother Nature had heard my dad’s frustration, we have had a steady stream of drizzle all day.

I had been playing Mayer Hawthorne’s new album for my dad and we agreed that his music is just amazing. I was explaining to my dad that I’ve only had one regret in life (impressive, my dad thought) and that was not attending a Mayer Hawthorne concert a few years ago at the Black Cat. I had found out about the concert at the last minute, and since I was weary of venturing into a borderline safe neighborhood at night by myself, I sadly decided against going. So this morning when I received a weekly email from the 9:30 Club saying that Mayer Hawthorne would be coming to perform in April, I jumped at my second chance to see him back in D.C.

I may not know what it’s like to feel in love, but when my heart stopped for a few seconds (after my fabulous discovery that seeing my latest favorite musician would be finally be attainable) I assumed that this giddiness was of something similar. My co-worker noted that I was in my own world of joy and awe after I had purchased my ticket and knew I was guaranteed to see this amazing man. It seems that April will be the month to solve many problems. April showers and Mayer Hawthorne. Sounds like a pretty good combination if you ask me!

Two things that we will be seeing in April: Mayer Hawthorne and flowers.

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