Caps’ Coaches Past

I’m not going to get into heart-wrenching detail, but it’s games like last night’s Caps’ loss, that make me think what the Caps would be like, if they were still playing under one of their former coaches. I’m sure everyone is well-versed with the Caps’ last coach, Bruce Boudreau, but let’s take a stroll down memory lane to see what some other former Caps coaches are up to these days…

Before Hunter and before Boudreau, there was Glen Hanlon. Hanlon had a brief career as the Caps’ coach, lasting for only four-five-ish years, including a gap year during the NHL Lockout. Hanlon was the first coach that star player, Alex Ovechkin would play under. In 2006, Halon was named, “sports man of the year” by a famous Belarusian newspaper for taking the Belarus hockey team to a historic 6th place in the Men’s World Ice Hockey Championships. Another fun fact is that back when Hanlon played (and not coached) hockey, he was a goalie; the first goalie in fact, to allow Wayne Gretzgy’s first NHL career goal. Also, Glen Hanlon had his 55th birthday yesterday!

Before Hanlon, was the Caps’ other coach named Bruce. Bruce Cassidy. While one Bruce may have been known by the nickname, “Gabby,” this man was known, simply as “Butch.”  This former defenseman player, Butch had the displeasure of Coaching the Caps back when they struggled to sell tickets to their games. (I fondly remember a time when you could get tickets for $5 a pop. Oh, the memories.) Butch’s coaching career with the Caps however, was even shorter than Hanlon’s as Butch was only with the team for two seasons. Also, Butch was the Caps’ coach when I started liking the team. He can currently be found coaching the Bruins’ minor league affiliate team, the Providence Bruins.

I’m still unsure about my feelings towards our current coach, Dale Hunter, but so far, he has not proven to be who the Caps really needed in trying times like these. Who knows what the coaching situation will be like next season, but for now, games under Mr. Hunter, are not looking as we all would have hoped with this season’s coaching change. We can only hope things get better from here on out to the playoffs.

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