Drunken Signature Art 2

I first introduced the concept of Drunken Art a few weeks ago with my initial post. I decided that with a combination of my interests in typography and alcohol, I could create an assembly of illegible hand writing while under the influence of alcohol; specifically the signature. Last night I created another intoxicated accidental masterpiece to add to the forming collection.

Last night I attended a Happy Hour at the Front Page in Dupont Circle. I had only had a couple drinks at the time this signature was written, but like this time, I’m convinced the beer I was drinking had an unusually high alcohol content. The receipt shows it was an early 7:18PM. It was towards the end of the Happy Hour and I was reeling from it as you can see from the signature below.

As I recall, my first signature was on the restaurant’s copy, and the second receipt I signed (my own copy) had a more legible signature. I was feeling rebellious, and took the “wrong” copy of the receipt to save for my drunk-art records. I felt it wouldn’t matter though, as I had signed both copies.

My rebellion took over in my signature as well. You can see that I pretty much gave up creating clear letters after the first letters of my first and last names. My favorite part of this creation however, is the large circle that floats above the type. It is front and center, calling out for some attention. The addition of the strong horizontal line that flourishes throughout, ties the composition together nicely as well.

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