Odd Pick-Up Lines

I don’t know about you, but I love me some pick-up lines. I love pick-up lines, mainly because they can be incredibly dumb or corny. I also like pick-up lines because they allow the normally shy or uncreative person a shot at making the first move. You know, creating an equal opportunity for all.

Over the weekend, I was at a bar/club where I had a pleasant conversation with a stranger; a guy. He approached me and used what I am going to classify as a pick-up line, though it may not be your typical example.

Him: I like your glasses.

Me: …um I like YOUR glasses! Thanks!

Him: Are you Persian?

Me: No. Are you?

Him: No. I’m from Pakistan.

Ok. Reflect on that conversation starter. It was odd, to say the least. But I still have to hand it to the guy for initiating conversation, nonetheless! While complimenting someone on an article of clothing or accessory might be a lame excuse for a conversation-starter, at least it was a successful effort.

A few weeks ago I had another memorable and odd pick-up line attempt thrown at me. I was at a concert and a bunch of my friends were there. This one guy whom I am friends with approached me, possibly drunk and he asked me if I lived nearby. Now, the weird thing about this, was that this guy has been to my place before and it’s not in that neighborhood or anywhere near there.

I suppose there are a few reasons why he asked me that question: 1) he was simply drunk and forgot, 2) he is dumb, or 3) he couldn’t think of anything else to say, in a feeble attempt to start any kind of conversation. I’m not faulting the fellow for being absent-minded, if that was the case, but I’m sure he could have come up with a better one-liner to open up with. My mom claims that was his attempt at a pick-up line, which kind of amuses me.

Another example of a weird pick-up line.

It’s one thing to be able to successfully start and continue a conversation with a stranger. Using odd pick-up lines might get the job done, but it could also just confuse your “target.” I suppose though, that confusion could still make for conversation; just so long as it doesn’t weird the person out so much that they want to leave your company.

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2 Responses to Odd Pick-Up Lines

  1. SW says:

    One word: TAMPA.

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