Happy Leap Day Birthday!

I’ve always loved Leap Day. When I was a kid, I used to really wish I was born on February 29th. Sure, this unusual birthday comes with plenty of complications (having a birthday every four years, isn’t really ideal) and I imagine, getting your driver’s license/I.D. and voting is a hassle. But it has always intrigued me- to have the ultimate in the atypical birthday. How unique!

There are two well known NHL players who have a birthday today, which I think is pretty neat. Both players are people who I am very familiar with. Goalie, Cam Ward, of the Carolina Hurricanes plays for a team in the Capitals’ division, so I get to see him play fairly often. Cam was born in 1984 which makes him either 28 or 7 today.

Happy 7th Birthday Cam Ward!!

One leap year older is Simon Gagné. This guy plays on the Los Angeles Kings, a team I recently traveled to see beat down the Caps in an unfortunate game. This fellow was born one leap year earlier than Cam Ward, in 1980, marking this Gagné’s 8th (or 32nd) birthday!

Happy 8th Birthday Simon Gagné!!

And while it’s not hockey related, what’s a Leap Day, without mention of one of the most famous Leap Day babies- a certain pirate. The Gilbert and Sullivan opera, “The Pirates of Penzance,” is about a “pseudo-21” year old man who is born on Leap Day and who faces comedic and confusing situations and attention due to his unusual birthday. Below is a famous song from this show!

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