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If I Had A Million (x640) Dollars

Back in eighth grade, my English teacher gave us a research project assignment: if we had  just won $500 in the lottery, how would you spend it? We had to do research on where the money would be spent and … Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror Review

Last night I had the pleasure of going to a pre-screening of the movie, “Mirror Mirror.” I was pretty excited to see the movie, as a fan of the Snow White story. I’d say that the movie was just as … Continue reading

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Wranglin’ Up Some Western Wear

I have previously written about my love of the Cowboy culture. One specific reason is for their awesome clothing. A few months ago, I wrote a post showcasing some of my favorite cowboy boots. Today, in similar fashion, I want … Continue reading

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Advice For Awkward Singles

This one’s for all you awkward singles out there. I’m hoping I can share some useful advice for any of you who are hoping to score a date or even just some positive attention out there in Singles Land.  Two … Continue reading

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Dwayne and Dwight

Yesterday evening I was fortunate enough to meet one of my favorite hockey players. It was a fantastic belated birthday present. A college buddy and I went to a Hershey Bears game yesterday evening. Every year in March, the team … Continue reading

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Savannah in Pictures

As promised, today I am sharing some of my favorite photos that I took while on my St. Patrick’s Day/Birthday trip to Savannah last weekend. It was truly a lovely place to visit and a fabulous trip, and I already … Continue reading

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The “Non-Love Song” Song of the Day: Out West

I’ve been known to have some pretty unrealistic crushes in my lifetime. It’s  unfortunate that I never seem to learn and that I keep returning to my too-hopeful self. I just never seem to learn, but I suppose I a … Continue reading

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