Celebrity Photos Gone Wrong

Last Friday I picked up the Metro paper, the Express. I was seeking something to keep me entertained, when I came upon the last page where they print celebrity news and gossip. I was feeling especially creative/bored/mischievous and decided I would have my fun with some of the photos in the paper. I resorted to the old comic relief of drawing on photos of people’s faces, making them look worse off. Below are two of my “masterpieces.”

At top, we have Levi Johnston, whom you may remember knocked up Sarah Palin’s daughter. I didn’t really have a certain direction here. It started off with a Hipster mustache and villainous goatee and eyebrows and from there aged him and really just went wild.

Beneath that we have “ailing” Ceiline Dion. The photo accompanied a blurb about her getting sick and having to cancel shows. I decided to make her look even more sickly but aging her approximately 50 years! That was fun.

Maybe I’ll create more hazard to celebrities’ photos in the future and showcase them as well. It didn’t take me much time to do, and I had fun wrecking havoc on these innocent photos for no good reason.

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