The Day I Lost My Hipster Cred

I tried to avoid it. I had been successful for an absurdly long time. I tried for as long as I could to push the stuff away. No peer pressure or raving fans could persuade me to join the Dark Side. But I suppose the day had to come eventually. Against my will, yesterday I became just one more person in the smartphone-owning population; specifically, I became an iPhone owner.

Yesterday I finally got a new phone. My plan was expiring and I was able to get a new phone free of charge- or at least for a small sum of money. Sure, I had been interested in getting some sort of smartphone, but the last thing on my mind was getting an iPhone. Aside from having a lot of trouble figuring out how to type on the iPhone’s touch screen, I simply didn’t want to become “another brick in the wall.”

It seems that practically everyone has the iPhone these days. I’m sure it’s a fantastic device, but I was hoping to stick with my rebellious ways. My brother pointed out that I was just being a Hipster about avoiding the mainstream Apple giant. I know that Hipsters aren’t ones to acknowledge they are Hipsters, but when it dawned on me that the real reason I was avoiding the iPhone was because I didn’t want to join the cult, it surprised me how much of a Hipster I really am.

Or at least, how much of a Hipster I was. Now that I tote an iPhone, I feel much less cool. I know this irony is probably humorous for all you “mainstream” folk who rely on your Smartphone devices for practically everything. The excessive technology that people love to love and their reliance makes me sick sometimes. And to join in on that clan with my newfangled iPhone is something I tried to steer clear of.

 A fine example of using your smartphone to feed your technology addiction.

But hopefully I too, won’t fall into the grasp of the technology implosion. I do find it reassuring though, that Urban Outfitters (the Hipster’s Mecca) sells iPhone accessories.  Here’s to the glimmer of hope that I can still try to reclaim my Hipster cred while still owning an iPhone.

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