Smart Phone Cases Get Creative

I have become part of the Smartphone-toting population. I have also been suckered into that group of people who insist on having a case for their Smartphone device. Whether the reason be for protection, personalization, decoration, or to follow the crowd, these cases can get to be a pretty pricey accessory.

Frankly, having a cool, sleek designed iPhone is such jive. I feel kind of sorry for the person who designed the look of the actual phone, because for the majority of the people who own that device, they’re just going to cover up the gadget in a case. I kind of dislike that the phone is not stable enough that it almost requires the additional purchase of a case to protect the thing. What a gip!

Nonetheless, I have been thinking about what kind of case I would/will get for my new phone. Here are a few of my (probably unreasonably priced) favorites that I’ve found online:

Mmmm, a chocolate bar!

I like the look of this tire case.

I'm a big fan of the bamboo cases.

Yes. I love the Pantone Color System.

Piece together your case with many different colored strips. How original!

Love the reference to the older rotary phones!

This skull- etched in metal, is very cool!

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