Ending My Dry Spell

Back at the beginning of the month, I wrote this post about a challenge I had for myself for the first half of the month. For a number of reasons, I decided I was going to forgo drinking any alcohol until St. Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately, I’m pretty positive, that this goal will have to be cut short this evening.

Being helped out of or lowered into?

I like to have this blog be family-friendly. I realize that people of all ages come across this blog. Sometimes, that includes my family members. When my parents read my earlier post about this goal, they grew concerned. I regret that I wrote something which my parents didn’t like to see. They were worried about my idea about “loosening up my tolerance,” specifically. So I guess that means they would encourage me to drink before I embark on my trip to Savannah for St. Patrick’s Day.

Another reason why I am choosing today to break my dry spell is because I am doing something for the first time that I have been inquiring about for a while: speed dating. I have been extremely skeptical, nervous, and curious when it comes to the concept of speed dating, but tonight I’m going to give it a go. To be frank, I don’t want to be my typical super shy self, when I go into this situation. If I’m too shy, I won’t want to talk and I’ll likely waste this opportunity. When I drink however, all that changes. I’m not interested in getting sloppy out there, but perhaps with the help of some booze, I can loosen up and have a better experience.

I know that maybe the whole “not drinking for a while” is not a smart move, when my motives aren’t the most responsible. So maybe it won’t be such a bad idea to smarten up before this trip of mine. Besides, I’m pretty sure that I did get something accomplished from this purge- I sure did manage to save some money. Just maybe next time, it wouldn’t hurt to consider other ways to do that.

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