My Foray Into Speed Dating

Speed Dating: the epitome of lameness, right? I’ve always thought so. Think about getting a bunch of hopeless singles together and mash them up with each other and make them talk to some strangers for a few minutes apiece. It’s a scenario just begging to be not only uncomfortable but also unfortunate. I thought that a secluded group of singles would feel like a quarantine, but it turned out not to be so sorry of a scenario.

A friend and I tried out a Speed Dating event last evening, and I’m glad to report that it wasn’t as miserable as I was anticipating. I will admit though, that I judged myself correctly, and definitely benefitted from the location of the event being at a bar. Fortunately, I suppose the organizers sympathized with the attendees.

But like I said, the event wasn’t a total flop. I was expecting the crop of men to be a disgrace, but I was pleasantly surprised with the selection.  It turns out that not all singles are the stereotypical loser that many people judge them to be. (Why anyone would have that stereotype though, is beyond me.)

The funny thing I noted throughout the night was that we were told to move on to the next person, just as the conversation was getting going. This happened approximately 90% of the time to me. It makes me ponder why true conversation pretty much begins at the five minute mark. However, I’d like to think that if anything, creating the start to an interesting conversation might be a good way to keep the intrigue going.

So I’m just going to put this out there- sure, talking to strangers is going to be awkward, but if it’s in a forced situation and everyone else is in your shoes, then how bad could it be?  Simply put, the point of Speed Dating is to meet a bunch of people, and to that goal, going to such an event will be a success. The plus side to Speed Dating is that it can be a great and casual way to meet new people who can be new friends. A number of the guys I talked to last night were not ashamed to admit that they tried Speed Dating for that such reason.

I’d say that on a scale of 1-10, I’d rate the experience a 7.7. Sure, there were some not so ideal guys I talked to, but I like to be optimistic. Thank goodness for the guys I’m not interested in, otherwise it would be more difficult to decide on who I was interested in. So we’ll see if anything materializes from the exploit. (The process now moves online where we have 10 days to message those we were interested in, in a sort of mini online dating venture.) If anything, I wouldn’t necessarily shy away from another Speed Dating opportunity in the future, now that I know how it works, and realize how un-lame it all was.

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