A Weekend Jaunt to Savannah

This evening I will be taking a trip to Savannah for the weekend. I’ll be seeing this city for the first time, during their ridiculous St. Patrick’s Day celebration as well as my birthday. I’ve heard about Boston going crazy and shutting down for the Irish holiday, and as I’m learning, Savannah operates the same way. Needless to say, this should be interesting!

I’ve never been to Savannah. But the way I’m imagining it to be is somewhere between what Nashville and New Orleans is like -which I guess is a fairly accurate assumption, as that’s where the city lies, geographically speaking.

I imagine it to be like Nashville for its vibrant, youthful, and hip atmosphere. I also noticed the pleasantly old fashioned ambiance of the storefronts along the river side; something that Savannah seems to share with its downtown riverfront scene.

Nashville's happening downtown area.

I think Savannah will be similar to New Orleans for its Southern hospitality and reputation for being a sinful and alcoholic city. (Albeit, sinful in a different way: less about crazy, drunken shenanigans, and more about murder and scandal.

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

There’s so much that I want to see in Savannah, that I feel like this brief vacation to the city will just be a taste of what this city has to offer. I’ve always wanted to see this locale, which has been named America’s most haunted city- something I find incredibly intriguing. Savannah’s also famously home to singer, Johnny Mercer (see below). When I return on Monday, I’m sure to bring you a fantastic review of my trip. Until then, have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow! And Sunday is my birthday!

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