I Shamrock Savannah, Y’all

I am pleased to report that my weekend trip to Savannah was a huge success. I have yet to upload my photos from the trip, but hopefully I can post some of the trip pictures in the future. As anticipated, I fell in love with the city, much like many people do, when they visit the historic and unique town.

One of the highlights of the trip was meeting and befriending a number of the people there. Since my friend and I visited Savannah during the most popular day of the year for the city (St. Patrick’s Day), there were plenty of fun-loving and welcoming people to meet.

In addition to all of the friends that my friend and I made while touring Savannah, we also learned quite a bit about this fantastic city. Surprisingly, we were treated to a bit of culture shock. Apparently the folks of Savannah love to drink so much that the city has adopted a very loose law on having open alcoholic containers throughout the city. It seems that while you are not allowed to walk around outdoors with a bottle or can or whatever container the alcohol comes in, it is totally legal to carry around your drink in a cup and take it with you outside. These are called Go Cups (check this out for more explanation) and are the norm year-round; not just for the rowdy St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Go Cups are totally acceptable.

Another thing that I became fascinated with in Savannah were the fantastic Southern accents and vernacular. For example, I’ve always been fond of the word, “y’all.” Here in the Maryland/D.C. area, the word isn’t used too often, and every now and then I’ll use the word to the delight and confusion of my peers. But in Savannah, everyone uses the useful word. Other words that brought a smile to me that I want to incorporate more into my language are, ‘splainin (short for “explaining”), reckon (slang for “to think”), and yonder. 

One of the friends that we made in Savannah liked that I was pleased with the Southern vocabulary and helped me to use the words correctly. He explained that the word “yonder” is to be used correctly only when referring to distances of at least 30-40 miles. I thought that was interesting, that yonder had such a specific meaning.

I reckon I’ll be in love with that city down yonder for a while, and of all the ‘splainin I’ve done so far y’all, there’s just so much more to love.

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