The “Non-Love Song” Song of the Day: Out West

I’ve been known to have some pretty unrealistic crushes in my lifetime. It’s  unfortunate that I never seem to learn and that I keep returning to my too-hopeful self. I just never seem to learn, but I suppose I a sucker for the thrill of the chase.

My most recent crush(es) have focused around a music group of whom I have met before. And I remain optimistic in this case, because lately, I have been in communication with the band. That’s pretty awesome frankly, but it sure isn’t helping to curtail my crush. I need to wise up, because while a little crush is harmless, I can’t let my fantasies control my life. -Believe me, I would let it.

So to help ground me and bring me back down to earth, here are a few songs that have absolutely nothing to do with love and having a crush and all that nonsense. I’m sure going to need some sense of realism sooner rather than later. The theme this time? The country west. Because if I’m not going to be thinking of a Who that I love, then it might as be a Where…

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