Dwayne and Dwight

Yesterday evening I was fortunate enough to meet one of my favorite hockey players. It was a fantastic belated birthday present. A college buddy and I went to a Hershey Bears game yesterday evening. Every year in March, the team has a special meet-the-team following the game. This is the second year I have gone to this, and each time it’s truly special. Last year was my introduction to the Capitals’ minor league affiliate team, and I had a fun time mixed with a bit of the culture shock that comes with attending an AHL game (it’s no NHL, folks).

While I may not have a specific attachment to any of the players from last year’s roster (except for former Caps player, Brian Willsie), this year was different. This year I traveled all the two hour drive from D.C. to Hershey, PA to see DJ King (who you may remember from these former posts). And sure enough, after the game, I was fortunate enough to meet DJ King (twice, actually).

He has such a goofy/silly smile! Love it.

Aside from the obvious stomach butterflies and being starstruck, I think that my short but sweet time with DJ was pretty fabulous. While in line to see him, I did a little research about him, and found out a few nifty facts. According to Wikipedia, DJ’s name is actually Dwayne. (I had to ask him what the “J” stands for, for which he informed me it’s for Joseph.) I also got him to sign my arm!

Dwayne also has a younger brother, Dwight, who is currently a rookie player for the L.A. Kings. I’m a little surprised I hadn’t known about this when I went to see the Caps play the Kings back in January. That information would have been cool to know back then. Anyways, it seems that like his older brother, Dwayne, Dwight is also pretty cute. Take a look at his picture and some stats:

The experience was overall a grand success. I’m really glad I got to meet DJ King, one of my favorite players. He was really nice and it was funny when I told him he was my favorite players- he was shocked, and just kind of said, “Oh.” I bet not many (any) people tell him that so he wasn’t prepared with a response, but I’m sure it made his day that he’s got an enthusiastic fan out there.

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