Wranglin’ Up Some Western Wear

I have previously written about my love of the Cowboy culture. One specific reason is for their awesome clothing. A few months ago, I wrote a post showcasing some of my favorite cowboy boots. Today, in similar fashion, I want to talk about another article of clothing that I have lately been enamored over: the Western style shirt.

Sure, the generic plaid button-down shirt is fine, but it’s the extra-special, snazzy detailing that I’m after. I like the embroidery, the two-tones, the more unique fashions of the cowboy. Ideally, I’d love to track down one of these suckers to buy at a thrift store or something. Here are a few Western shirts that I particularly like:

Love the horses!

Vintage 1970s floral.

This bull head design is unique!

Another Longhorn design!

A definite favorite. Perfect for a rodeo!

Vintage 40's.

Another spin on the two-tone look.

Just some simple lines look good too.

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