Mirror Mirror Review

Last night I had the pleasure of going to a pre-screening of the movie, “Mirror Mirror.” I was pretty excited to see the movie, as a fan of the Snow White story. I’d say that the movie was just as good as I was hoping it to be, which was above a B movie. I was actually kind of surprised how much I liked the movie, though I wouldn’t quite venture to say I’d want to own it either.

This version stars Julia Roberts and Nathan Lane, which was pretty good casting, but what I did not know, was that some other familiar names were cast as well. It was hard to contain my excitement when the Seven Dwarves were introduced in the story. I pleasantly surprised to recognize a few of the actors- specifically two, whom I have actually blogged about in the past!

The Seven Dwarves are: Half Pint, Butcher, Napoleon, Grimm, Chuckles, Grub, and Wolf.

I want to touch upon the Seven Dwarves in the movie. They were by far the best part of the movie. Frankly, they were also battling for the most screen time with Snow White. It almost seemed as if the Snow White story should have been retold to focus on these men (now, that would make for a unique movie!). Apparently all of the men who played a Dwarf are well known (or should be well known) for one reason or another, and I’d like to take this time to point this out.

  • Half Pint, played by Mark Povinelli. I recognized him from his recent role in, “Water For Elephants” as Walter. Povinelli has also appeared in a number of well known television shows such as, “Pushing Daisies”, “Modern Family,” “Boardwalk Empire,” and “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.”
  • Butcher, played by Martin Klebba. The name might not ring a bell, but the face should. He is probably best known for his role in the, “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. Klebba is also apparently the World’s Fastest Little Person!
  • Napoleon, played by Jordan Prentice. His roles are more varied, playing a character in, “In Bruges,” but also unusually famous as the Bag of Weed in, “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.” He was also in the 80’s classic, “Howard the Duck.”
  • Grimm, played by Danny Woodburn. You might recognize this familiar face from movies such as, “Death to Smoochy” and “Seinfeld.”
  • Chuckles (or “Chuck” for short), played by Ronald Lee Clark. I immediately recognized him from a favorite television show and a previous blog post.
  • Grub, played by Joe Gnoffo. Gnoffo probably has the least heard of career, but he’s had roles in movies including, “The Benchwarmers” and television shows, “Desperate Housewives” and “According to Jim.”
  • Wolf, played by Sebastian Saraceno. I didn’t recognize him, due to all the makeup and costume he wore, but he was also on the same television show as Ronald, and in the same earlier blog post I wrote earlier.

But the Seven Dwarves aren’t the only actors worth crediting in the movie. In addition to the Seven Dwarves, you can also see plenty of shirtless screen time from the same man who played the Winklevoss twins in, “The Social Network,” Armie Hammer. Although borderline overdone, I appreciated the ongoing quip of the pleasant distraction of seeing this actor shirtless in “Mirror Mirror.”

Also to note, are the castle guards’ unusual helmets. They were fantastic- and completely reminiscent of Gaudi’s architectural work in Spain. No?

Check out that helmet!

Casa Mila, Barcelona

While I do give this movie good marks, this perhaps isn’t the movie for the over-thinking viewer, as there were a few unanswered questions or plot holes in the story. Without ruining the film, here are a few of my such issues:

  1. An apple is presented to Snow White. We are to assume that this gift from the Queen is questionable, but we have no background to think so as presented to us through the movie (other than anyone familiar with the story of Snow White already).
  2. The Queen visits a mysterious other-worldly locale a number of times in the film. We are never explained about this odd place. What is it? How did it come to be? Am I missing something?
  3. Where did the Seven Dwarves get all of that women’s clothing that just happens to be Snow White’s size? Ummm…
  4. Aside from their chance encounters a few times, why is it believable that Snow White and the Prince fall madly in love? They marry though barely know each other!
  5. This movie didn’t focus so much on the mirror. I think a different title would suit the movie better.

With all of those plot holes, I would still recommend this movie. This film is for anyone who is a fan of the Snow White story, fans of extravagant costuming, or anyone just looking for some good, clean, PG-rated fun.

Such amazing costumes!

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