If I Had A Million (x640) Dollars

Back in eighth grade, my English teacher gave us a research project assignment: if we had  just won $500 in the lottery, how would you spend it? We had to do research on where the money would be spent and write a paper about our choice.  At the time, one of my best friends was living in Jamaica for the year. I decided that I would spend the $500 on roundtrip airfare to see her. The project came out pretty well and I suppose that might have been the buddings of my yearning to travel at a moment’s notice.

Now, with the thought of winning the mega-million dollar jackpot, many people are thinking about what they would do with an unthinkable sum of money. Like everyone else, I too, considered what I would do with the lottery winnings. As with my eighth grade project, the first thought that came to mind was to use that money to travel. There are so many places that I would love to see, that that money would easily aide with.

I suppose the Barenaked Ladies address the question of what to do with so much money fairly well. Humorous though, that they only fantasize about a “mere,” million, compared to something like roughly 640 times that amount that’s in the news today. I suppose that splurging on something fabulous is the easy route, but there are just so many options with what to do with the money, that I imagine the pressure could drive one crazy!  So am I going to join in on the craze and buy a lotto ticket? I’ve still got time to decide, but it sure is debatable…

I would like the money just so I could re-create this absurd scene.

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