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New Favorite Musicians: Rizzle Kicks

I am always pleased when I discover a new musician that I especially like. I find it even more special when I discover new music on my own. This time though, I suppose I owe it to my love for … Continue reading

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Popcorn ‘Fro Series

The other day I must have been feeling especially creative, because a weird thought popped into my brain. What would it looked like if I Photoshopped an image of popcorn into a picture of someone with an Afro hairstyle? I … Continue reading

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Caps Game 7 Was A Party For All

Until last night, I took for granted a belief about watching sports with other fans: that it can change your watching experience depending on who you’re with and where you choose to watch the game. Sure, the ideal situation would … Continue reading

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New Job Or No Boyfriend

Here’s my latest hypothesis: my job is preventing me from having a boyfriend. Why do I think this? Of my five co-workers, one is a single mom, two are single, one is widowed, and one has a bad marriage. All … Continue reading

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Inside Abandoned Washington

It’s not every day that the public is invited into an abandoned building in Washington, D.C..  But yesterday I had the fortunate opportunity to venture inside a building that is normally off-limits and closed to the standard passer-by. Yesterday evening … Continue reading

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Caps Beards Need More Growth

The 2012 NHL playoffs are a good deal underway, as some teams have completed their first round (goodbye Penguins; hello Kings). The hockey playoffs are always a special time of the season and promise some exciting and memorable moments. One … Continue reading

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Noah Silver Interview

Today I bring you the first fantastic installment of my band interviews. (I know you’re all excited.) You can catch these every other week for as long as I can keep this running. If you know of any musician who … Continue reading

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