Sock Love

I am a big fan of socks. They are comfortable, and warm. They can add an extra pop of color to an outfit or easily blend into what you are wearing. Apparently however, I seem to be the only person who really appreciates socks. It seems like there has lately been a decline in the wearing of socks, especially among young women. What gives?


Maybe I’m crazy, but I grew up wearing socks with my shoes. Shoes and socks go together in my mind just like peanut butter and jelly. You could have one without the other, but why would you do something silly like that? Well apparently many of you share that silly thought process that socks are not necessary.


Most commonly do I see people’s neglect of socks, is when wearing the ever-popular and common, flat shoe, or the ballet flat. When I did a Google image search of ballet flats even, I didn’t see a single image of the socks/ballet flat combo. Most of the time, people wear these shoes with nothing between the shoe and the skin; sometimes, though there will be a stocking.

Socks and flats. I swear it can work.

And then there are the minuscule socks made for those who still want to “rock the sock” if you will, but are too shy to admit it. I will admit to owning a few pairs of these “baby socks,” but I have heard too often that they frequently don’t stay on your feet, and if that’s the case, then what’s the point of trying to incorporate the sock to begin with?

Barely a sock.

I’d like to see a return to sane thinking. A pro-sock world, is my kind of place. I will continue to rock the sock proudly. If the solution works, why get rid of it? Here’s to socks, may they infest everyone’s closets and be brought back into everyday wear.

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