Interviews Ahead!

Get excited, folks. I’ve got a thrilling component I’m soon bringing to this blog, that I’m sure many of you will like. In the coming weeks, I will be bringing you interviews that I will be conducting with a number of up and coming musicians. It’s my gift to you.

Upon reflection of my most exciting/successful/news-worthy blog posts past, I decided that this interview possibly takes the cake. It was one of my favorite blog posts to write. I realized it didn’t have to stop with that one interview though.

What an interview looks like.

There are a number of musicians/bands who I would love to interview. And I’ve already got a couple interested parties lined up. In addition to the sure thrill of interviewing some awesome people and bringing that to my readers, I am pairing up the interviews with something monumental that each band is doing, like a note-worthy concert.

I aim to showcase some of their music, some background information sharing why they are worth a listen, and best of all, where you can see them perform next. I think it will be a greatly anticipated segment to this blog and I’m hoping it will benefit everyone in the end. So get excited, people and be on the look-out for interviews galore to come!

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