Caps Are Lookin’ Up

The End is not near. Thank goodness. This blog post was originally going to be a depressing one. I was going to write about what a sad and unusually depressing season the Washington Capitals have had this year. Going into last night’s game, things were looking mighty hairy for the team, and just about everyone knew it.

But then last night, the Caps won and Buffalo’s Sabres lost and the Caps were guaranteed a playoffs spot. And the crowd goes wild! Exciting news indeed. So is there hope yet? It’s definitely an arguable case.

 Everything is coming the Caps way, except for the not-so-ideal goalie situation

Now a breath of life has been put into the Caps organization.  Instead of pessimistic fans preparing for a long off-season, there’s a new thought in people’s minds. Winning. People were starting to curse the Caps who would likely face arguably the leagues best team, The New York Rangers in the first round. Things weren’t looking good for that scenario. But with the Caps igniting that great feeling of a (non-overtime) win in an important game, things are looking differently. Now there’s talk that with another win in their last game of the regular season (against none other than the Rangers), the Caps could be movin’ on up in the standings. Pretty peachy keen, eh?

So thank goodness this doesn’t have to be a depressing post. Sure, we’re coming into the playoffs in the unusual bottom, but then again, we’re coming into the playoffs as a hard-working team. And that’s better than a team that thinks they can just sit back and let the wins come to them. Let’s go Caps!

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