The Rundown On Groupies

Groupies get such a bad rap. When people think of Groupies, I’m sure they think of ladies prostituting themselves just to sleep with a famous person. Sure, that’s probably the bad connotation that the word, Groupies invokes, but it seems as if there is something more to that dream.

Penny Lane from, "Almost Famous"

The subject of Groupies came up recently, upon discussion of my blog’s upcoming musician interviews. (Get excited!) Just a disclaimer here though: this blog post is not a description of myself, necessarily. The term, “Groupie” has however, been thrown around frequently and I want to get the record straight. Hopefully this explanation will teach many of you not to judge a book by its cover.

Groupies don’t want to have sex with just any famous person. They tend to go after a person (such as a musician) they admire. Musicians provide music and Groupies provide admiration. It’s as simple as that. though, is split on the definition:

The first definition as we see, is the negative connotation that the title carries: to be a groupie is someone who only cares about the sex. The character, Penny Lane, from the movie, “Almost Famous” however, would beg to differ. She argues some sort of hybrid explanation of the two definitions. But I think Penny Lane is up to something. Groupies don’t pick any old musician. They are drawn to those whose music they like. Thus, one could easily lump Groupies into the same category as Fans. And both fans and groupies would not exist if not for the music.

Thus, asking a musician if they’ve ever had any groupies, could simply be a question of whether they’ve ever had some especially memorable fans. Like the second definition above says, Groupies are simply, enthusiastic of whomever or whatever they choose to follow. The degree to how dedicated these such fans are, is a different matter. This is not to negate that some Groupies don’t also want to hang around for the sexual aspects; it just means that not all Groupies have the same goal in mind.

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