Bringing Back The Bass

The heavily decorated guitar case had been stuck in the corner of the room for too long. A gem was inside, only I hadn’t touched it in a while, and the case was gathering dust. It had been bothering me that I couldn’t even remember the last time I played my bass guitar and I knew that simply telling myself I’d get back into the rhythm of practicing was easier said than done.

This is my bass!

So last night, after too much waiting, I finally took my electric bass guitar out of its case and took it for a spin. It surprised me how much I didn’t remember about how to play the instrument. It was pretty pathetic. Although after playing around for an hour or so, my long lost friend was back. I just have to keep practicing to get back in the hang of it, and so my fingers will stop being so sensitive.

In honor of bringng the bass back into my life, here are a few songs which have fantastic bass lines:

 I practically learned the bass to this song. We go way back.

 One of the most memorable bass lines!

 This song would be nothing without the bass.

 Stevie Wonder is a master bass blaster.

 The latest great bass riff I’ve discovered!

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