Ultra Fandom

I have always thought that the tween girl fans that have swarmed bands past, such as The Beatles or The Backstreet Boys were absolutely ridiculous. Screaming their heads off and fainting was a thing of fantasy, and wasn’t fathomable to someone as mature and sophisticated as myself. Well, boy was I wrong. I didn’t know what hit me; that I could be “brought down” to that “level” of intensity until Uncle Lucius came into my life. And frankly, I’m just shocked I didn’t see it coming.

I may have written about my initial awe in this band in posts past, yet I still haven’t begun to capture the wonder I experienced when I first came upon them. What may have started off as a deep intrigue became a yearning for more, and has now left me in a state of on-going euphoria. You’d think I was talking about some addicting, psychedelic drug. But honestly, the effect the band and their music has on me is eerily similar, at least from what I can imagine.

I have yet to try out my “screaming tweeny-bopper fan girl” hypothesis since I really amped up my adoration for the band, but that will come in due time. In early June, a friend and I are going to see them live at Mountain Jam, a weekend-long music festival in upstate New York. This will be after a promising interview from the band (soon to come on the blog!) and after all these hyped up posts I’ve been writing about how amazing this band is. That will be the real test to see if I have become as captivated by the music as I say I am. (Though, let’s be honest, that “test” is probably unnecessary.)


With all that being said however, I want to share with you what could very well be a Bye Bye Birdie-type fainting-inducing moment from Uncle Lucius. You can find it below at 1:11. (Frankly, even lead singer, Kevin Galloway is even brought to his knees in an out-of-body experience at the sheer power the band gives off!)

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