Caps vs. Bruins Playoff Game #3 Should Be Redone

Many people who read my blog know that while this place is called, CAPSLove: The Girl On The Jumbo-Tron, I don’t write about hockey nearly as much as I could/should. But when I do- it’s for good and notable reason. Not only was I upset with the outcome of last night’s Game #3, but I have some late-breaking news to share with the world.

I was at last night’s insane Game #3 against the Caps and Bruins and I can surely tell anyone that there was more than one instance where there were bad calls being made (or lack thereof). It was an atrocious night for the players, the fans, and the referees were no doubt the ones to blame. The Bruins had a number of unfair hits and plays that consequently brought the Caps down with them.

Today I got an email from someone I went to the game with. He is a die-hard Bruins fan and had sent a few people in my party the following image with caption:

That’s right folks, the Bruins’ game-winning goal should not have counted last night, as the poorly-sighted ref’s should have made the call of Off Sides. They did not though, the Bruins got the go ahead, and they went on to win the game that they frankly didn’t deserve to get any credit for.

Apparently the person who sent this picture claims that the news and drama is “all over the internet,” though where’s hockey fan-favorite blog, Russian Machine Never Breaks to report on it when you need them? I surely can’t be the only blogger to snatch up this atrocity.

Really, there were so many things wrong with last night’s game, especially this last non-call that I think that the game should just not count and be re-played. I doubt that that has ever happened in hockey history, but when there were just so many bad calls and non-calls, I feel like the appropriate action should be taken. That’s just my two cents at least.

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