The Best At Breaking Hearts

Last night I was extremely fortunate enough to attend Mayer Hawthorne’s sold out show at the 9:30 Club. It was a fantastic concert and I can’t speak highly enough about the experience. During the evening however, something struck me about Mayer Hawthorne. It occurred to me that I may like the guy for reasons besides his good looks and his great tunes.

I’ll get right down to it: perhaps the best part of Mayer Hawthorne is his broken heart logo and all that it symbolizes.

Sure, Mayer Hawthorne is definitely the crooner who writes many a song about being in love (even he has admitted this fact) but a significant aspect to take note about Hawthorne is that he has a bounty of songs about exes and breakups. One might even gather from his notorious logo, that he is all about breaking the hearts of the ladies. (Bruno Mars’ song, “Runaway” comes to mind in this such instance.)

Where Hawthorne stands out is that his songs about breakups and exes don’t sound mean or bitter (unless you really pay attention to his lyrics). He successfully is able to captivate his audience through his music, not through the bitter and mean lyrics. This is truly an impressive feat.

But I digress: Mayer Hawthorne is uniquely fantastic because he makes singing about sad subjects cool. He brings excitement to the otherwise depressing tones and events in people’s love lives. Just take a listen to what I mean…

 Quite possibly the best break-up song ever.

How can such a smooth song be about such a cruel relationship? 

 The introduction to this song explains it all.

This might not be the best example, but nonetheless, it’s about how much of a tease girls can be and how frustrating it can be. 

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