RIP Levon Helm

There have been some pretty fantastic musicians in rock n’ roll history that have come and past. Today, we add Levon Helm’s name to the list of fantastic musicians gone from us. Levon Helm was best known to me as the drummer from, The Band. The Band produced a number of fantastic songs and assisted with my interest in the folk-rock music genre. Aside from being a monumental band in their own right, The Band also became Bob Dylan’s band for a number of years.

For a good example of multi-talented singer, drummer Helm at work, check out these videos:

I first heard that Helm was ill (battling against cancer) through the Facebook page of Mountain Jam, a music festival that happens every year in upstate Hunter Mountain, New York. Mountain Jam has hosted Levon Helm before so they knew of his whereabouts. That, and Helm had been residing in nearby Woodstock, hosting his Midnight Rambles, hours-long concerts that were held regularly. Now that’s a man who loves to play music!

Here’s another video of Helm, this time at Mountain Jam a couple years ago in 2010:

I’ll be heading on up to this year’s Mountain Jam on June 2. I’m sure there will be plenty of Levon Helm tributes. It’s going to be a memorable experience. For the time being though, RIP Levon Helm.

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