Caps Beards Need More Growth

The 2012 NHL playoffs are a good deal underway, as some teams have completed their first round (goodbye Penguins; hello Kings). The hockey playoffs are always a special time of the season and promise some exciting and memorable moments. One of my favorite parts of the playoffs however, is the tradition of the Playoff Beard. These beards begin growing when a team begins their post-season and don’t get shaved until the team finishes their playing.

I haven’t noticed too many of the Caps with fantastic beards so far, but I chalk that up to this being just the first round. The Caps need to win their first round against the Bruins for a number of reasons, but we should not forget that one of those reasons is to see the continuation of some pretty fantastic facial hair stylings.

So today I bring you some of the best Playoff Beards the Caps have going for them this year. I can only hope that they last longer than a few more days. Some of these guys would definitely benefit from some more time to perfect their beards!

OV's sporting a nice goatee these days.

Karl Alzner's got a good crop going.

Chimera's sporting a full chin tuft and I approve!

Matti P. goes with the standard full-coverage look.

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