Inside Abandoned Washington

It’s not every day that the public is invited into an abandoned building in Washington, D.C..  But yesterday I had the fortunate opportunity to venture inside a building that is normally off-limits and closed to the standard passer-by.

Yesterday evening I walked past the normally abandoned building to find that not only were the doors open to the public, but it had recently been the site of some antiques auction or something. It looked like they were looking for a buyer for the space too which was pretty cool. The space is simply an amazing find.

According to my dad who works in the real estate field, the building, 915 F St. NW was once home to a fraternal lodge to a group similar to the commonly known, Shriners. Supposedly, the building once was the Odd Fellow’s Hall, but it from the looks of things, it seems that this was some time ago. Here are the awesome photos I snapped of the building’s interior:

The grand inside.

Right wall and ceiling.

Left wall.

Interior as seen from the doorway.

Exterior shot of doorway.

Another view looking in from the front.

Exterior of doorway.

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